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Need help paying for those costly, but necessary home projects? Check this out!

As a BGE Smart Energy Savers Participating Contractor and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) certified contractor, All American Home Performance is able to provide a reduced cost home energy audit for BGE customers, and up to $7,500 in rebates for select home energy saving measures.

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All American Home Performance

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($400 value)

Why Schedule a Home Energy Audit?

Our audit provides homeowners with a detailed report, showing the potential energy savings and rebates gained by completing the recommended home improvements from the home energy audit. The audit consists of a thorough inspection, along with diagnostic testing to gauge what the home needs to save on energy costs and promote a healthy indoor environment.

  • Can homeowners really reduce energy costs with a home energy audit?
    Most homes have some, if not, plenty of room for improvement. Our home energy audit is an affordable way to help diagnose and identify how energy inefficiencies may be costing you money each month and how you can be paid to correct those energy inefficiencies.
  • What's included with the energy audit?
    Our energy auditor will use specialized equipment that is designed to identify pressure differentials in the home and utilize the data to make conclusions as to: poor insulation, inefficient HVAC systems, duct leakage, unconditioned chase connections, amount of ventilation, heat loss, etc. Our trained and certified energy auditor will provide you with a full report of our findings, outline solutions for any issues that were discovered, and provide direct install measures at no cost to the homeowner (LED bulbs, power strips, faucet aerator, HWH pipe insulation, etc).
  • Can you tell me more about the rebates?
    Your rebate amount is based on the estimated electric and gas savings of eligible measures as calculated by your contractor using BGE-approved energy modeling software. The below table gives you an overview of the available rebates ranging from $100 to $7,500. The more you save, the bigger your rebate! Visit our Energy Incentives page for more details!
  • After I receive my audit report, what are the next steps?
    After the initial visit and completion of the audit, the homeowner will be able to pick and choose what home improvement recommendations that they desire based on their own budget and potential savings itemized on their report. Once an agreement has been reached between AAHP and the homeowner regarding scope of work, AAHP will facilitate providing the necessary professionals and equipment to properly install the agreed upon measures. After AAHP and the homeowner have deemed the agreed upon scope of work complete, a test-out audit will be performed to ensure the proper energy saving measures are in place as expected, and a BGE affiliate will review the rebate application. Upon approval of the rebate application, AAHP will discount the estimated rebate from the total cost of the job for the homeowner and AAHP will wait the expected 6-8 weeks (Instead of the homeowner) to collect the rebate from BGE so that the project is immediately discounted.
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